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BA 3151
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CSE 3111
CSE 3112
ECE 3151
MATH 3153

BA 3151 Accounting 0.75 Credit
Section A: Basic accounting principles, Cash book, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Cost Accounts and objectives; Elements of a cost; Direct Cost, Overhead allocation.
Section B: Preparation of a cost sheet, Computation of break even point, Standard Costing, Job Order Costing, Process Costing and Cost Variance.
Recommended Books:
  • Pyle & White, Principle of Accounting. 5th Edition.
  • Pyle & Larson, Principle of Accounting.

CSE 3100 Technical Writing and Presentation 0.75 Credit
Overview of Technical Research and Technical Writing: Technical Writing, Why Technical Writing, Role of a Technical Writer. Information Structure/Techniques in Technical Writing, Types of Technical Report, Business Letters, Graphic Aids, Software Development Life Cycle, DDLC, Documentation Process, and Technical Writing Process: Writing from rough draft, Audience Analysis, Task Analysis, Libraries, documentation and cross-referencing, Grammar and Editing, Technical Writing Software Tools: Microsoft Word, Macromedia Robohelp, Adobe Framemaker, MS Visio, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Adobe Photoshop. Contemporary communication
Recommended Books:
  • Pickett and Laster, Technical English: Writing, Reading and Speaking, 8th Edition.

CSE 3101 Database Systems 3 Credit
Section A: Database, Database Management System, Purpose of Database System. Data Models: Object- based logical model, Record-based Logical Model. Database Languages: DDL and DML. Database Administrator, Database Users. ER Model: Basic Concepts, Design Issues, Mapping Constraints, ER Diagram, Extended ER Features, Design of an ER Database Schema, Reduction of an ER Schema to Tables. Relational Model: Structures of Relational Database, Relational Algebra. SQL: Basic Operations, Set Operations and joined Relations. Integrity Constraints: Domain Constraints, Referential Integrity and Functional Dependencies. Relational Database Design: Normalization using Functional Dependencies, Normalization using Multivalued Dependencies.
Section B: Query Processing: Measures of Query Cost, Sorting, Join Operations and Evaluation of Expressions. Object-Oriented Databases: Object Oriented Data Model, Object Oriented Languages. Indexing and Hashing: Basic Concepts, Ordered Indices, B+- Tree Index Files, Static Hashing, Dynamic Hashing. Transactions: Basic Concepts, Transaction State, Concurrency Executions, Serializability and Recoverability. Concurrency Control: Different Control Protocols, Deadlock Handling. Recovery System: Failure Classification, Log-based Recovery, Shadow Paging. Distributed Databases: Distributed Data Storage, Network Transparency. Security and Integrity.
Recommended Books:
  • Henry F. Korth, Abraham Silverchatz and S. Sudarshan, Database System Concepts, 6th Edition, McGraw-Hill, Inc.
  • Ulman & Jeffery D., Principle of Database System. 2nd Edition, Galgotia Publication Ltd.
  • C. J. Date. An Introduction to Database Systems, 8th Edition, Addison-Wesley.

CSE 3102 Database System Projects / Field Work 1.5 Credit
Project / Field Work on current Database Management Systems based on CSE 3101

CSE 3104 Assembly Language Laboratory 1.5 Credit
Microcomputer Systems, Representation of Numbers and Characters, Introduction to IBM PC Assembly Language, The Processor Status and Flag Registers, Flow Control Instructions, Logic, Shift and Rotate Operations, The Stack and Introduction to Procedures, Multiplication and Division Instructions, Array and Addressing Modes, String Instruction, Text Display and Keyboard Programming. Macros, BIOS and DOS Interrupts, Recursions, Disk and File Operations.
Recommended Books:
  • Ytha Yu, Charles Marut, Assembly Language Programming and Organization of IBM PC, Mc-Graw Hill International Edition.

CSE 3111 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers 3 Credit
Section A: Introduction to Microprocessors, Evolution of Microprocessors, Organization of Microprocessors, Instruction Formats and Types, Instruction Set, Addressing Modes, Memory, I/O Interfacing, DMA, Interrupt, Common Programmable Interface.
Section B: Hardware and Software Interfacing In Microcomputer System Design, I/O Design and Testing. EEPROM Programming, Coprocessor Configuration, Numeric Coprocessor, I/O Processors, Multiprocessor Configuration, Parallelism in Microprocessors.
Recommended Books:
  • Mohamed Rafiquzzaman, Microprocessors and Microcomputer-Based System Design, 2nd Edition, Universal Book Stall, New Delhi.
  • Ramesh S. Gaonkar, Microprocessor Architecture, Programming and Applications with 8085, 5th Edition, Penram International Publi
  • Yu-Cheng Liu & Glenn A. Gibson, Microprocessor Systems: The 8086/8088 family Architecture, Programming and Design, 2nd Edition.
  • Douglas V. Hall, Microprocessors and Interfacing: Programming and Hardware, 2nd Edition, McGraw-Hill publishing Company.

CSE 3112 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Laboratory/Project 1.5 Credit
Laboratory / Projects based on CSE 3111

ECE 3151 Digital Electronics 3 Credit
Section A: Diode Logic Gates, Transistor Switches, Transistor Gates, OS Gates, Logic Families: TTL, ECL, IIL and CMOS Logic with operation details. Propagation Delay, Product and Noise Immunity. Open Collector and High Impedance Gates. Electronic Circuits for Flip-Flop, Counter and Register. Memory System, PLAs and PLDs, D/A Converters with applications. S/H Circuits, LED, LCD and optically coupled oscillators. Non-linear application of OP-AMP, Analog Switches.
Section B: Linear wave shaping: diode wave shaping techniques, clipping and clamping circuits. Comparator Circuits, switching circuits, Pulse transformers, pulse transmission, Pulse generator; monostable, bistable and astable multivibrators; Schmitt trigger, Blocking oscillators and time- base circuits. Timing Circuits. Simple Voltage sweeps, Linear Current Sweeps.
Recommended Books:
  • Millman & Taub, Pulse, Digital and Switching Waveform.
  • Taub & Schilling, Digital Electronics.
  • R.P. Jain , Digital Electronics.
  • Millman & Halkias, Microelectronics.

MATH 3153 Mathematical Methods 3 Credit
Section A: Differential Equations: Solution of different equation by the methods based on the factorization of the operators. Cauchy Euler Equations. Frobenius Method. Bassel's and Legendre's differential Equations. Partial Differential Equations: Partial Differential Equations, Homogeneous, Non homogeneous, Linear equations, Mongis Method, Wave Equations. Particular solutions with boundary and initial conditions.
Section B: Laplace Transform & Fourier Series: Definition of Laplace Transform, Laplace Transform of different functions, Inverse Laplace Transform, Convolution, Evaluation of improper integrals by Laplace Transform. Solution of different equation by Laplace Transform. Fourier Series: Convergence of Fourier Series, Fourier Analysis, Fourier Integral. Z- Transformation and its application. Laplace Transforms and Fourier Series in Circuits.
Recommended Books:
  • M. D. Raisinghania, Laplace and Fourier Transform.
  • F. Ayres, Differential Equations.
  • .T.H. Piaggio, Differential Equations.
  • M.R. Spigel, Laplace Transform.