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CSE 1201 Object Oriented Programming 3 Credit
Section A: Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming; Overview of Java Language; Constants, Variables, data types; Operators, expressions, Control statements; Classes, objects, methods; Programs with interactive input; Inheritance, packages and interfaces; Arrays, strings, vectors; Exception handling.
Section B: Multithreaded programming, I/O files; Applet programming;Introduction the AWT: working with Windows, Graphics, text, layout managers and menus; Introduction to Java Beans; Introduction to Swing; ntroduction to Servlets; Introduction to J2EE, RPC, Database connectivity with java; Socket programming with java. Socket programming with java.
Recommended Books:
  • H. Deitel and P. Deitel. Java: How to program. Prentice Hall, 9th edition, India, 2011.
  • E. Balagurusamy, Programming with Java, A Primer, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd., 4th Edition, India, 2010.
  • H. Schildt, Java The Complete Reference, The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc., 8th Edition, US, 2011.
  • I. Horton. Beginning Java, Java 7 Edition, John Willy and Sons Inc., 7th Edition, US, 2011.

CSE 1202 Object Oriented Programming Laboratory 1.5 Credit
Laboratory works based on CSE 1201.

CSE 1203 Discrete Mathematics 3 Credit
Section A: Mathematical logic: Prepositional calculus, Predicate calculus. Set theory: Sets, Relations, Partial Ordered Sets, Lattices, Functions.
Section B: Graph Theory, Algebraic Structures, Algorithms and Complexity, Combinatories, Proof Methods.
Recommended Books:
  • K. H. Rosen. Discrete Mathematics and its Applications. The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc, 7th Edition, US, 2010.
  • B. Koltman. R. Busby and S. C. Ross, Discrete Mathematical Structure, Pearson Education, 6th Edition, US, 2014.
  • C. Liu, Elements of D. P. Mohapatra. Elements of Discrete Mathematics. Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing 3rd Edition, India, 2008.
  • S. Lipschutz amd M. Lipson, Schaum's Outline of Outline of Discrete Mathematics, The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc., 3rd Edition, US

CSE 4121 Applied Probability and Queuing Theory 2 Credit
Section A: Probability distribution and expectations, discontinuous probability distribution, e-- binomial, Position and negative binomial, Continuous probability distribution, e.g. normal and exponential. Stochastic processes, Discrete time Markov chain and continuous time Markov Chain. Birth- death process in queuing.
Section B: Queuing models: M/M/1, M/M/C, M/G/I. M/D/I, G/M/I solution of network of queue-closed queuing models and approximate models. Application of queuing models in Computer Science.
Recommended Books:
  • K. L. Chung, Markov Chains with Stationary Transition Probabilities, Springer, 2nd Editoin, 1957.
  • E. Cinlar, Introduction to Stochastic Processes, Dover Publications, Reprint Edition, 2013.
  • White, Schmitt, Pennette, Analysis of Queuing theory.
  • Klienrock, Queuing Theory Vol. I & II, Wiley-Interscience.

CSE 4123 Parallel and Distributed Processing 2 Credit
Section A: Parallel Processing: Importance, Architecture, Hardware and software issues; Architectures for parallel processing - Classifications, Comparative study of different architectures; Hardware issues in parallel processing, Parallel programming; Distributed Processing: Definition, Impact of distributed processing on organizations, pitfalls in distributed processing.
Section B: Forms of distributed processing: Function distribution, Hierarchical distributed systems, Horizontal distributed systems; Strategy: Strategies for distributed data processing control of complexity, problems of incompatibility, centralization vs. decentralization, cost and benefit analysis; Design of distributed data: Distributed data, location of data, multiple copies data, conflict analysis database management, distributed databases and applications; Software and Network Strategy: Software strategy, the ISO seven layers, architectural interfaces, physical link control, network management etc.
Recommended Books:
  • J.M. Crichlow, Distributed and Parallel Computing. Longman Group United Kingdom, 1988.

CSE 4125 Computational Geometry 2 Credit
Section A: Introduction: Historical perspective, algorithmic background, geometric preliminaries, models of Computation. Geometric searching, point location problem and range searching problems, Divide & conquer, amortization, multi- dimensional search, space sweep, duality and randomization. Convex hulls.
Section B: Proximity, Closest pair problems, Intersections, Voronoi and Delaunay diagrams, arrangements of lines and points, Geometry of rectangles, polygon triangulation art gallery theorems, shortest paths, and lower bounds, Connectivity, Matching, Random Numbers, Parallel Algorithms.
Recommended Books:
  • M. Shamos and F. P. Preparate. Computational Geometry: An Introduction (Texts and Monographs in Computer Scince, Springer Public
  • R. Sedgewick and K. Wayne. Algorithms Addison-Wesley Professional Publication, 4th Edition, 2011.
  • D. E. Knuth, Art of Computer Programming Volume 2: Seminumerical Algorithms. Addison Wesley Professional, 3rd Edition, 1997.

CSE 4127 Multimedia 2 Credit
Section A: Definition for Multimedia System, Text, Images and graphics: Basic concepts, Computer image processing, Audio: Basic concepts, Music, MIDI, Speech; Video and animation: Basic concepts, Computer base animation, Data Compression Techniques: JPEG; H.261 (px64); MPEG; Intel's DVI; Microsoft AVI; Audio compression; Fractal compression, Video compression, Multimedia file standards: RTF; TIFF: RIFF: MIDI: JPEG.
Section B: Multimedia Storage and Retrieval Technology: Magnetic media technology; optical media technology; Basic technology, CD Digital audio, CD-ROM, its architecture and further development, CD write only (CD-WO), CD-magnetic optical (CD-MO). Electronic Publishing: Concepts and future of Electronic Publishing.
Recommended Books:
  • J. F. Koegel Buford, Multimedia Systems, Addison-Wesley. Professional, 1st Edition, 1994.
  • J. McCoy, Mastering Web Design, BPB Publications, 2nd Edition, 1996.

CSE 4129 Human Computer Interaction 2 Credit
Section A: Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Human Information Processing Systems, Models of interaction. Approaches to HCI. User Interface.
Section B: User system interaction: analysis and design. user Interface Design. Interface Technique and Technology. Case Studies.
Recommended Books:
  • A. Dix and J. E. Finlay. Human Computer Interaction. Prentice Hall, 3rd Edition, 2003.
  • M. G Helander, T.K. Landauer and P. V. Prabhu. Handbook of Human-Computer Interaction. North Holland, 2nd Edition, 1997.

ECE 1251 Electrical Circuits 3 Credit
Section A: Fundamental electric concepts and measuring units, D.C. voltage, Current, Resistance and power, Laws of electrical circuits;∆-Y,Y-∆ conversion and Network Theorems; Methods of Network Analysis, Principles of D.C. measuring apparatus, Laws of magnetic fields and circuits and methods of solving simple magnetic circuit.
Section B: Alternating current - instantaneous and r. m. s. current, Voltage and power, Average power for various combinations of R. L and C circuits, Phasor representation of sinusoidal quantities. Single phase AC circuit analysis, Resonance (Series, parallel)
Recommended Books:
  • R. L. Boylestad, Introductory Circuit Analysis, Pearson Education Ltd., 12th Edition, England, 2010.
  • R. M. Kerchner and G. F. Corcoran, Alternating Current Circuits. Wiley Publishers, 4th Edition US, 1960.
  • R. P. Ward, Introduction to Electrical Engineering. Prentice-Hall, 3rd Edition, US, 1960.

ECE 1252 Electrical Circuits Laboratory 0.75 Credit
Laboratory works based on ECE 1251.

HSS 1253 Government and Sociology 2 Credit
Section A: Government: Some basic concepts of government and politics. Functions, Organs and forms of modern state and Government, Socialism, Fascism, Marxism, U.N.O. Government and pohtics of Bangladesh. Some major administrative systems of developed counties. Local self government.
Section B: Sociology: Scope, Nature, Methods and relation with other branches of Social Science; Stages of Social development (primitive, slavery, feudalism, Capitalism and Socialism); Culture and civilization; Social structure of Bangladesh. Population and world resources. Occidental societies, Industrial revolution. Family - Urbanization and industrialization, Urban Ecology, Cooperative and socialist movements, Rural sociology.
Recommended Books:
  • R.T. Schaefer, Sociology, The McGraw-Hill Companies., Inc., 12th Edition, US, 2009.
  • A. Giddens, Sociology, Policy Press, 5th Edition, UK, 2006.

Math 1253 Geometry and Differential Equations 3 Credit
Section A: Coordinate Geometry: Coordinate Geometry of two dimensions: Change of axes, Transformation of coordinates, simplification of equations of curves. Coordinate Geometry of three dimensions: System of coordinates. distance of two points, Section formula, Projection. Direction cosines. Equation of planes and lines, Sphere, cone, cylinder, paraboloid, hyperboloid and general equation of second degree and reduction to standard forms.
Section B: Ordinary Differential Equations: Degree and order of ordinary differential equations. Formation of differential equations. Solutions of first order differential equations by various methods. Solutions of general linear equations of second and higher orders with constant coefficients. Solution of homogeneous linear equations. Solution of differential equations of the higher order when the dependent of independent variables are absent. Linear equation with variable co- efficient.
Recommended Books:
  • R. J. T. Bell, An Elementary Treatise on Coordinate Geometry of Three Dimension. Macmillan Publishers India Limited, 2000.
  • H. T. H. Piaggio, Differential Equations. Hayne Press, US, 2008.
  • S.L. Ross, Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations. John Wiley & Sons, 4th Edition, US, 1989.
  • M.D. Raisinghania, Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, S. Chand and Company, 15th Revised Edition, India, 2013.

ME 1252 Engineering Drawing and CAD Project 0.75 Credit
Introduction, Scale drawing, Sectional view, Isometric views. Missing line, Auxilary view, Detail and assembly drawing Project on Engineering Drawing and CAD using contemporary packages.

Phy 1253 Physics II 3 Credit
Section A: Properties of Matter: Atomic structure of Matter: Atoms, Ions and molecules, States of matter, solids, Liquids and gases, Inter-particle forces. Elasticity: Stress strain, Elastic constants. Viscosity : Critical Velocity and Reynolds' number, Poiseulli's equation, Stock's law. Hydrodynamics Equation of continuity, Bernoulli's equation and its application. Surface Tension: Surface effects, Free surface energy, Molecular theory of surface tension, Excess-pressure theorem, Contact angle, Capillarioty. Crystallography: Types of bonds, Types of crystals, X-ray diffraction and Bragg's law, Plasticity and crystal effects, Metals, Insulators and Semiconductor, Elementary band theory, Superconductors and plasma. Modern Physics: Relativity: Michelso - Morley experiment, Lorentz-Einstein transformation, Mass energy relation. Quantum effect: Photo electric effect, Compton effect. Wave mechanics: de-Brogli wave, Correspondence principle, Uncertainty principle, Schrodinger's wave equation. Atom, pde; Bhor's theory
Section B: Electricity and Magnetism: Electrostatics: Charge and matter, Coulomb's law, The electric field, Gauss's law, electrical potential Capacitance and resistance, Ohmic and non-Ohmic material, Variation of resistance with temperature - resistance thermometer, Thermoelectricity - thermoelectric thermometer. Electromagnetism: Magnetic fields, Maxwell's equations. Ampere's law, Faraday's law, Lenz's law, Inductance - Self and mutual inductance. Magnetic Properties of matter: Magneto-motive force, Magnetic field internsity, Permeability and susceptibility, Classification of magnetic material, Magnetization curves of Ferromagnetic materials, Magnetic circuits, Magnetostricution.
Recommended Books:
  • A. Beiser, Concepts of Modern Physics. The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc., 6th Edition, US, 2003.
  • D. Halliday, R, Resnick and J. Walker. Fundamentals of Physics. John Willey and Sons Inc., 9th Edition, US, 2011.

Phy 1254 Physics Laboratory II 0.75 Credit
Experiments based on Phy 1253.