Day 1

  • 10.00 AM - Opening Ceremony; Opening of "Software Fair and Photo Exibition"
  • 11.00 AM - National Seminar
  • 03.00 PM - Football match between current students vs ex-students
  • 06.00 PM - Cultural Show (by the students and local artists)
  • 08.00 PM - Grand Dinner

Day 2

  • 10.00 AM - Reunion Rally
  • 11.00 AM - Cricket (T20) match between current students vs ex-students
  • 01.30 PM - Special Lunch
  • 02.30 PM - Workshop on IT career
  • 05.30 PM - Prize Giving Ceremony; Closing of Software fair and Photo Exhibition
  • 07.00 PM - Band Show

Reunion Photographic Contest 2012

If you have exceptional photograph taken during your stay in Khulna University (including events like KU Convocation, Rag Day, CSE Picnic, Football Tournament, Cricket Tournament, Programming Contest, Freshers Reception, Farewell etc), please send it for the CSE@KU Reunion Photographic Contest 2012.

There will be four categories and there will be winners in each category:

  • (a) General Category: Classic photograph taken. The most important criteria is the overall photographic standard.
  • (b) Funny Category: Photographs that make us laugh.
  • (c) Fellowship/Friendship/Bonding Category: Photographs express bonding, friendship, fellowship and will remind us the unique moment with certain clarity.
  • (d) Nature Category: Photographs illustrate the beauty of the nature, mainly focus on KU campus etc.

Please send an e-mail to by attaching the photograph, and writing the information.

  • (i) Title of the photograph.
  • (ii) Brief description on the importance/specialty of photo (max 50 words).
  • (iii) Name and roll of photographer
  • (iv) Place, time and date of the capture (approximate).